Umbria: itineraries and routes

itinerari e percorsi in Umbria

Why choose the itineraries and itineraries offers in Umbria for your holidays?

The itineraries and routes in Umbria that you can take part in during your stay at the Le Dolci Colline agritourism will offer you something unique and exceptional and will make your holidays in Umbria unforgettable . Routes and routes that will immerse you in nature to discover hidden and breathtaking landscapes, in contact with nature and to discover its treasures or that will see you as the protagonist of an activity that will surely be impossible for you to do at home.

Our packages for itineraries and itineraries in Umbria offer you a very wide offer including many different types of activities , all accompanied by experts from the specific sector, be it trekking, sailing or horse riding excursions or a “simple” picnic in the woods in search of truffles. However, our offers are constantly updated so if interested, consult them!

Obviously the offer of our itineraries and itineraries in Umbria is also linked to the stay in our apartments, usually the Pesca or Mela apartment, which in any case gives you access to all the services on our farm.

So let’s discover in detail the offers of our itineraries and routes in Umbria .

Routes and routes in Umbria: sports activities

Horse trekking

This offer is designed to make you ride on horseback in the tranquility offered by the hills and woods of Umbria. Our partner riding school is about 30 km from where we are. If you’ve never ridden, don’t worry: you can take lessons for beginners. For the more external, an external excursion of 1 hour of horse trekking is provided.

Check out the details of our Horse Trekking offer !

Free hang-gliding flight

You can access this activity by booking the “Baptism of the Air” package. The airfield is about 30 km from our farm!

On a sailing boat on Lake Trasimeno

Among our itineraries and routes in Umbria certainly could not miss the boat trip on the waters of the Trasimeno that you can find in our “All’arrembaggio” package. The lake is about 40 km from our farm but we are sure it is worth it. In particular, the package includes daily trips for a maximum of 5 passengers that can last half a day or all day with the possibility of lunch on the Isola Maggiore.

Discover all the details if you want to go sailing on Lake Trasimeno !

Cave excursions

The park of Monte Cucco is located about 20 km from us and among the things you can visit in its interior there are its caves , an underground system of 30 km galleries that offers visitors a breathtaking natural landscape. Our offer is articulated according to the duration of the excursion, from 2-3 hours or 4-5 hours, and with a group of at least 8 people. Moreover some types of excursion are free even if for the most part it is obligatory to book, especially if you want to tackle itineraries outside the tourist routes.

Check out all the possible cave excursions to Monte Cucco !

Looking for black gold

Alla ricerca del tartufo – itinerari e percorsi in Umbria As some of you already know, one of the best and most appreciated products in the world that Umbria has to offer is truffles . For this reason, among our itineraries and routes in Umbria it is possible to do an excursion in search of our “Black Gold” . The cost of the excursion in the company of a companion and a dog is € 5.00 per person, and there is also the possibility of buying the truffle found by taking advantage of a special discount.

Discover all the details of the excursion to find the truffle “In search of Black Gold” !

For an alternative holiday you can participate in the following activities that are included in our services:

Beekeeping : beekeeping, an experience rich in emotion and suggestion: the “honey extraction” is one of those moments that are hardly forgotten! When the honey placed by the bees in the alveoli has reached the right degree of humidity, they are operculated; it is at this time that the beekeeper picks up the combs, and extracts the honey. You will find, upon your arrival, a taste of “the food of the gods” and you will also have the opportunity to buy it.

Fruit growing: within our estate you can participate in the cultivation of numerous varieties of fruit plants and you can enjoy the delicacies of the Sweet Hills. Especially in the summer there is nothing more refreshing than a nice feast of fresh organic and genuine fruit !!

Olive harvest : on our estate it is possible to participate in the harvesting and pruning of the olives: the harvesting operations are carried out manually, at most with the help of an electric shaker. The harvest begins in autumn (late October).

You will find at your arrival a taste of our extra virgin olive oil “The Sweet Hills” that you can buy at our facility.
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